With our progresssive mindset DutchAir Cargo excels in providing tailored transportation

Our close relationship and pricing with each carrier offers you a myriad of shipping options to choose from.

Nearly all items of cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along the world’s roads.

Our clearance experts have an in-depth understanding of local conditions and regulations.

Who are we?

DutchAir Cargo is an independent logistics service provider based in The Netherlands. We provide services in the field of freight management and facilitating a “total supply chain” solution for global logistics. DutchAir Cargo provides effective solutions through a global network with a focus on local customer requirements.

DutchAir Cargo is a dedicated team of international freight forwarding professionals going the extra mile for our clients. We operate in a highly competitive market and are committed to offering the best value in the business. Time and again we aim to exceed your expectations.

We are goal oriented in everything we do. Dedicated to support our clients in reaching their goals, customer satisfaction being an important goal of our efforts. With the goal in mind, we cooperate with clients, partners and staff to determine the best possible way to reach it. We do not focus on means or process, we focus on getting the job done in the best possible way.